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  • My work with Dave has by far given me the greatest return on my investment, both of time and money. He is skillful as a coach and has great insights, and does not come into the relationship with any ‘canned’ approaches or programs.

    George Limbach
    Emerging Growth Equities, LTD
  • Dave began by showing me how to set high standards for myself, but he’s also demonstrated practical, concrete ways to break down each goal into manageable parts and get it done one step at a time. Dave has the experience and knowledge to help me identify my tired excuses and rise above them. The investment I made with Dave has been paying off big time in my career.

    Joseph McDowell
    Vice President, Primerica
  • I told a friend and former colleague that if he worked with Dave Miller for a few months and didn’t feel it was worth it, I would write him a check and reimburse the fees. He is that good. I worked with West Point’s sport psychologist. My brother has a doctorate in psychology and is an executive coach, and I have worked with one of his friends. When I was a Director of the CFA Society of Philadelphia, I set up an insightful forum of executive coaches. I have also worked with three other career coaches. And Dave Miller is the best executive coach I have seen.

    Tom Dunn
    CFA, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston